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Organizations & Programs


Biodiversity Program, San Francisco Department of the Environment


Bay Friendly Gardening Coalition


Bring Back the Natives




California Horticultural Invasives Project


California Native Plant Society




Find the Wild - Visit natural areas in the city to discover birds, butterflies, and beautiful wildflowers!


Flora of San Francisco's Natural Areas


Friends of the Urban Forest


Garden for the Environment


Green Connections




Natural Areas Program, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department


Las Pilitas Nursery


Nature in the City


Parks Alliance






Regional Parks Botanic Garden


San Francisco Weed Management Area

Street Parks Program, San FranciscoPublic Works


Urban Forestry Council


Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute, SelecTree: A Tree Selection Guide


Theodore Payne Foundation


Urban Watershed Program, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Wetland Restoration, The Port of San Francisco



Guidelines & Policies


California Native Plant Gardening
California Native Plant Society


Gardening for Wildlife
Golden Gate Auduborn


Green Connections Community Resource List
San Francisco Planning Department


Recreation and Open Space Element

San Francisco Planning Department


Sidewalk Landscaping Permit
San Francisco Public Works


Stormwater Design Guidelines
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Sustainability Plan

San Francisco Department of the Environment


Urban Forest Master Plan
San Francisco Planning Department


Water Conservation Ordinances
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission



Plant Lists


Climate Appropriate Plant List
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Recommended Street Tree List
San Francisco Public Works and Urban Forestry Council


Recommended Drought Tolerant Plants for Sidewalk Landscaping
San Francisco Public Works


Shoreline Plants Guide
Bay Conservation and Development Commission


Stormwater Vegetation Palette
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission



Local Plant Nurseries


The following are local native plant nurseries and one conventional nursery. Inquire with them directly regarding whether they carry native plants of San Francisco genetic stock. All of them carry Bay Area and California natives. For a full list of Bay Area Native Plant Nurseries click here.


Bay Natives Nursery
10 Cargo Way, San Francisco, CA
Contact: Paul Furman
Email: info@baynatives.com
Phone: (415) 287-6755


California Native Plant Society, Yerba Buena Chapter
350 O'Shaughnessy Boulevard, San Francisco, CA

Phone: 415-531-2140

(Annual native plant sale)


East Bay Wilds Plant Nursery
1972 - a - 36th avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Email: pete@eastbaywilds.com

Phone: 510.409.5858


Flora Grubb Gardens & Nursery
1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA
Contact: Flora Grubb Nursery and retail shop online contact form
Phone: (415) 626-7256


Go Native Nursery
Montara, CA

Email: info@gonativeinc.com

Phone: (650) 728-2286


Home Ground habitat nursery
Focus on California Natives
Contact: Charlotte Torgovitsky
Email: torgovitsky@comcast.net
Phone: (415) 892-9148


Larner Seeds
Native Plants Nursery
235 Grove Road, Bolinas, CA 94924
Email: info@larnerseeds.com
Phone: (415) 868-9407

Hours: Tuesday: 10am - 2pm
Thursday: 10am - 2pm
Saturday: 12pm - 4pm


Literacy for Environmental Justice - Candlestick Point Eco-Stewards
Native Plants Nursery
1150 Carroll Avenue, San Francisco, CA
Contact: Patrick Rump
Email: patrick.rump@lejyouth.org
Phone: (415) 282-6840
(open by appointment)


Mission Blue Nursery

3445 Bayshore Boulevard, Brisbane, CA
Contacts:Ildiko Polony
Phone: (415) 467-6631
(open by appointment, for directions click here)


Native Here Nursery
101 Golf Course Drive, Berkeley, CA

Contact: Theo Fitanides
Email: nativehere@ebcnps.org
Phone: (510) 549-0211

(open year-round )


Nature's Acres Nursery
Penngrove, CA
Contacts: Andrew Scavullo & Josiah Clark

Email: naturesacresnursery@gmail.com

Phone: (415) 713-1572 or (415) 317-3978

(call for appointments or delivery)


Oaktown Native Plant Nursery

702 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA
Email: oaktown@oaktownnativenursery.info

Phone: (510) 387-9744


Sutro Stewards Native Plant Nursery
476 Johnstone Drive, UCSF Parnassus Campus, San Francisco, CA
Email: liza@sutrostewards.org

Phone: (415) 665-1077

Hours: Wednesdays 9:30-12:30


The Watershed Nursery
601A Canal Blvd, Richmond, CA
Phone: (510) 234-2222



Native Plant Nursery Volunteer Opportunities in San Francisco


Candlestick Native Plant Nursery
(415) 282-6840


Fort Funston Native Plant Nursery
(415) 652-2373


Golden Gate Park Native Plant Nursery
(415) 831.6330


Presidio Native Plant Nursery
(415) 561-4826


Sutro Stewards Native Plant Nursery
(415) 665-1077


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